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Sisne Rover Trekking is one of the oldest travel companies in Nepal. We specialize in travel and expeditions in Nepal, India, Tibet and Bhutan. We organize safe treks and deliver amazing climbing experiences to our clients. Along with trekking & tours, we also carry out various adventure sports for your adrenaline rush. So, our customers have numerous options to choose from.

Over the last 26 years of trekking and exploring Nepal under varying weather conditions and temperature, we have a deep understanding of what it takes to deliver a successful adventure experience for our clients. At Sisne, quality and service go hand in hand. Hence, we pride ourselves on making memorable trips for you and your travel companions. Since 1991, we are the number one choice for travelers around the world and a leading trekking company in the Himalayan region.

Sisne has a tight-knit group of local expertise in Nepalese culture, natural vegetation and ecosystem. Our team of professionals, well-trained guides and local porters are native of the mountains with a wide range of knowledge and experience also including first aid training specializing in altitude related situations in remote locations. Therefore, we are fully committed to provide the maximum safety and a memorable lifetime experience.

Furthermore, we strongly believe in providing quality services to our customers. We can customize your itineraries according to your travel plans. Whether you are looking to fly over Mount Everest for a day or  to embark on the trek of a lifetime across the mountains, we guarantee an excellent services to our customers. We can build packages completely from scratch to suit your needs.

 Join us today and get the best rates to experience the life in the top of the world. Please feel free to message us with any queries and customize your travel itinerary today!