Discover Bhutan

Bhutan is a land filled with snow-capped peaks, glaciers, sparkling lakes, raging rivers, green terraced fields and flower-strewn valleys. The North is dominated by the high peaks of the Himalayas. The inner central region is filled with temperate valleys and the South is where the steamy tropical jungles are found. This is an ideal way to experience the glory and
6 Days

Bhutan Cultural experience

A cultural tour is an ideal way to experience the glory and the myth of this Himalayan Kingdom at its most magnificent – a perfect blend of culture and nature exploration. It gives you a chance to meet people, enjoy the pristine forest with rare glimpse of wildlife and observe the ancient old traditions of arts and crafts while traveling
5 Days

Kailash Tour

Kailash Tour via Simikot begins with visits to four UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Kathmandu. We then fly to Nepalgunj, a city in the western Terai plains of Nepal followed by a visit to one of the most remote towns of Nepal, Simikot. We travel along ancient pilgrimage routes and trade links, trekking across the border into Tibet. On our 20-day journey
21 Days

Golden Triangle India

Join our Golden Triangle 4nights/5days India Tour which includes the three prominent and culturally magnificent towns of India - Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra. In this tour of the three medieval towns of north India, you will enjoy visits to various historic and cultural sites, such as: the tall minarets, palaces, majestic temples and forts that have been delights of travelers
5 Days

Glimpse of Bhutan

Bhutan remained isolated from outside cultural influences for centuries. It has always maintained a strict policy on maintaining and preserving its culture and heritage. The cultural tour gives you insight into the people, the culture, tradition, ecology and the religion of the country. The cultural tours will take you close to the unique and vibrant Buddhist ways of life. Our
4 Days