Nepal has many secrets to offer ranging from mountain expedition to paragliding. Paragliding in the Himalayan region is a truly wonderful experience. Nepal has incredible paragliding sites to take pictures, to enjoy the freedom of flying like a bird, and to view the alluring magic of Himalayan range. Pokhara is one of the top 5 commercial tandem paragliding locations in the world, with all the right ingredients: stable thermals, convenient take-off and landing zones, the safety of a large lake and incredible mountain views.

Paragliding in Pokhara is full of magnetic scenery on earth such as beautiful lakes, spectacular peaks, and stunning overhead view of the city, monasteries, temples, lakes and jungle. The thrill commences from Sarangkot, the capital site of paragliding in Pokhara. For verities of paragliding experiences and sites including Pokhara, join Sisne Rover‘s profoundly experienced team to materialize the dream into reality.


Paragliding might not be in everyone’s budget. That being said, if it’s something you want to try at some point in your life, Pokhara is the perfect place to do it. Looking back, most likely you won’t regret it.

There are several paragliding companies operating commercial tandem flights in Pokhara, and there seems to be a fixed price which includes Transport and Insurance no matter which one you choose.

Standard flight (30 minutes)
Cross-country (40-60 minutes)
GoPro footage (5 minutes video, 30 stills)

August when the vegetation is lush and the rivers are thundering.

Other Paragliding Destinations

  1. Bandipur – a picturesque Newari village atop a ridge between Kathmandu and Pokhara.
  2. Sirkot – best for solo pilots because you can fly all the way to Pokhara, 2.5 hours, technical flight.

Trip Start Dates and Cost

We organize the trip on the dates requested by you.If you wish to discuss any aspect of this trip or your suitability for it, please contact us for your customized departure date and cost.

Additional information


Sept-Nov. & Feb.-March


45 Minutes


Sarangkot, Pokhara


Moderate to Challenging

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